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Dance is…

9 May

Dance is seen as a skillful art which involves rhythmic movement of the body to different styles of music. Many cultures use dance as a form of emotional expression, social interaction or exercise. It can be used to express ideas and tell a story. Jazz, Modern/contemporary and Hip hop have to be among my favourite styles to dance. Each is quite different and unique, and yet all carry a particular emotional connection to the movements and music. Recently I was asked to learn and perform a dance for a HSC student. I have never been trained in contemporary however the skills that I have learnt from other training has allowed me to quickly learn and pick up the different style and very different movement that accompanies that particular style. However I also attempted tap.The skills in this case did not transfer, at all! Whoever can tap has my highest respect! Dance is something that you don’t have to achieve a professional career in. It is great for fitness, muscle toning and flexibility. Or you may enjoy dance simply because you love to move to music. Dance can be so many different things!

For me, dancing is an outlet for stress, its hard work and painful and somehow definatly worth it .