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Hey! My name is Madi Cook. I live in NSW Australia and I am in year ten (WooHoo :P) I am a very sporty person and have a love for Soccer, Cricket and Rugby (Union, of course) I also love music and have given up on the “self taught guitarist” status and beginning to say “I have lessons”, where my teacher has told me just how bad my technique actually is. From being a drama student to marching in torrential rain with other army cadets, you could say I’ve tried it all. None of which have really ever stuck. This is where my love for Dance comes in, I have been dancing for around 13 years now and I am currently at R-Star performers. Unlike tennis, drama, swimming and army cadets (and many, many others) I have never given up on dance. This is why I’ve started this blog, not only to entertain you with my ‘Hilarious life’ but to raise awareness to society about the ups and downs of dance and to encourage people to give it a go!

Anyway enough of me blabbering on, I hope you enjoy my first-time blogging, and I hope that you will begin to share the love of Dance like me.


One Response to “About me”

  1. Louise Doughton May 17, 2013 at 4:06 am #

    Great blog

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